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Intensive Therapy Unit Nursing Agency

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Enferm is a top nursing agency in the UK that helps Intensive Therapy Unit nurses find flexible shifts nationwide. We’re proud to have a team of supportive staff who help nurses access roles across a range of different specialisms. Our ITU nursing agency offers roles to qualified nurses working at bands 1-8.

Flexible Intensive Therapy Unit Nurse Agency Shifts

As an ITU agency nurse with Enferm, you’ll have the ability to choose when and where you want to work. We provide ITU nurse jobs at a range of different locations across the UK.


If you’re looking to explore more flexible career options, join Enferm today where you’ll have freedom over your nursing shifts.

Benefits and Perks

We also believe in supporting and rewarding our nurses, offering a range of benefits including:

Free Uniform

Free Uniform



24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Shift Management

Shift Management

Quick Payments

Quick Payments

NMC Revalidation

NMC Revalidation

Accommodation Booking

Accommodation Booking

Training Support

Training Support

Pay Rates

Our pay rates are also competitive and are determined by factors such as experience, specialty, and location. If you would like more information, please speak with a member of our team.

Intensive Therapy Unit Nurse Responsibilities

As an ITU nurse, you can expect to be responsible for varying duties on a daily basis including:

ITU nurses also collaborate with various healthcare professionals and organisations to coordinate patient care. You can expect to work with doctors, surgeons, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, care workers, and other professionals.

Intensive Therapy Unit Nursing Careers

ITU nurses typically work in Intensive Therapy Units in hospitals but there are also other career options available. After you have gained valuable experience you could choose to work in an academic setting, educating other nurses on how to administer ITU care.

As an ITU nurse you also have the opportunity to specialise in specific areas of critical care including:

Paediatric | Surgical or Trauma | Cardiac | Neonatal | Neurological | Medical


Intensive Therapy Unit Nurse Qualifications


To become an ITU nurse, you first need to become a registered nurse by acquiring a nursing degree from a Nursing and Midwifery Council approved university.

Once you become a registered nurse, you need at least 6 months experience in Intensive Therapy Units within the last 3 years to become an ITU nurse.

You will also need to undertake specialised training at university and during your time as a registered nurse to ensure you are able to work in an intensive care setting.

No matter how many years experience you have, you can find flexible shifts as an agency ITU nurse with Enferm.

Key Skills For Intensive Therapy Unit Nursing

ITU nurses work with patients who have serious health conditions and are in need of critical care. As such, nurses need to possess a range of personal skills as well as formal qualifications:

All Nursing Roles and Specialisms

Select one of the roles below to find out more.

Flexible Shifts with our Intensive Therapy Unit Nursing Agency

Discover flexible shifts as an ITU agency nurse with Enferm. To get started simply fill out our registration form. After submitting the form and providing all required details, our onboarding team will reach out to help you get started.

Join Enferm now for control over your nursing shifts.

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