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Mental Health Nursing Agency

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Enferm is a leading mental health nursing agency in the UK. Our supportive team is dedicated to helping nurses find flexible shifts across the country. 

We’re proud to offer nursing shifts across a range of mental health specialisms including psychiatric ICU nursing, child and adolescent mental health nursing, community mental health nursing and more. All our roles are available for nurses that fall under bands 1-8.

Flexible Mental Health Nurse Agency Shifts

At our mental health nursing agency, we believe that nurses should have the power to choose the frequency and location of their own shifts. Enferm allows you to choose shifts as and when they are needed, so you can work different shifts across multiple locations that best suit you.


If you’re searching for mental health nurse agency jobs that offer you freedom and flexibility, then join Enferm to get started today.

Benefits and Perks

At Enferm, we believe that mental health nurses should be rewarded for their hard work with a range of benefits. We offer:

Free Uniform

Free Uniform



24/7 Support

24/7 Support

Shift Management

Shift Management

Quick Payments

Quick Payments

NMC Revalidation

NMC Revalidation

Accommodation Booking

Accommodation Booking

Training Support

Training Support

Pay Rates

We’re also proud to offer competitive pay rates based on factors such as experience speciality and location. Speak to a member of our team to find out more.

Mental Health Nurse Responsibilities

An agency mental health nurse can be expected to carry out any of the following as part of their daily responsibilities:

During your time as a registered mental health nurse you are also expected to work with different organisations in order to provide the best level of patient care. You will work with psychiatrists, mental health social workers, occupational therapists and many more.

Mental Health Nursing Careers

Mental health nurses have a range of career options available to them. You could choose to continue working in a clinical setting, such as a mental health clinic where direct patient care is provided, or you could also pursue opportunities in community mental health centres, where mental health nurses work with individuals in outpatient settings.

 Additionally, mental health nurses can explore roles in education and research, becoming instructors or researchers in the field of mental health nursing. Some mental health nurses may choose to specialise in a particular area. You can enter into specialisms including, but not limited to:

Substance abuse | Psychosis | PTSD | Schizophrenia | Anxiety | Depression | Bipolar disorder | Child and adolescent


Mental Health Nursing Qualifications


To become a mental health nurse, you will require an accredited nursing degree that has been approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Additionally, mental health nurses must complete specialised training in mental health nursing whilst at university and also take regular courses during their time as qualified nurses. This training includes completing practical work in different psychological fields.

Whether you’ve just begun your journey as a mental health nurse or you’re an experienced care professional, as an agency mental health nurse with Enferm you’ll be able to take on flexible nursing shifts at any stage of your career.

Key Skills For Mental Health Nursing

As well as a number of formal qualifications, mental health nurses are expected to possess a number of personal qualities, most notably compassion, in order to succeed in this field. A mental health agency nurse should demonstrate these key skills:

All Nursing Roles and Specialisms

Select one of the roles below to find out more.

Flexible Shifts with our Mental Health Nursing Agency

If you’re looking to become an agency mental health nurse with Enferm simply fill out our registration form and our onboarding team will get in touch to help get you started.

Take control of your nursing shifts and enjoy flexible working by joining Enferm today.

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